This is what the students from our last training had to say……

The week-end was a great success. The fellow students were naturally inspiring and dynamic people and I feel that friendships were made. John was a chilled and mellow trainer and his approach went a long way towards establishing rapport with our intimate group of 5. I was hoping to learn more about myself and furthering my "self-discovery" journey and while the penny finally dropped at 4:55pm, on the last day, it was eye-opening. It was an information packed week-end and I was mentally shattered by the end but also exhilarated, motivated and filled with the belief that this is for me and I am more than capable of coaching. Thank you to John, for his time and dedication, and to the shared energy from everyone in the room. 10/10 from me! as it ticked all the boxes. PAY RISE TO JOHN 😉 My new goal (in addition to many) is to one day be your Perth course trainer!

Sue Raffanr

Yippi Yi Yay, The weekend was so amazing, The content was so relevant on a massive scale and was delivered with the upmost professionalism by John Milham who built instant rapport from beginning to end. He even demonstrated his brilliant coaching skills with Anna to help unlock issues she was having with forgiveness. I express my gratitude to John's efforts and also to you Doc for your patience with my development. As a result of this brilliant training I will progress onto bigger heights with the development of my life coaching career. Thank you so much

Daz Poynter                 

This has been an amazing weekend, in part due to the wonderful coaching mastery course I attended. John, our mentor, is such a lovely person. It was a real treat listening to him. His power over metaphor really helped us to understand the course content. The course covered a lot of information. I only hope I managed to absorb most of it. Everyone at the course was awesome. I feel all of them will be great life coaches and I'm glad to have met them. I know have a local support group of people facing the same challenge as I (master coaching). I hope to see everyone again soon and this weekend has confirmed that coaching is what I want to do.

Maykel Gedeon                 

It was a fantastic weekend. John was fabulous, he made us feel welcome and capable of being a coach. I had trouble with jet lag as I just arrived back from Europe, but he made it so interesting that it was impossible to switch off. his stories to explain things were great. he managed it to make us feel we would know each other for ages. Thank you for such a great trainer. the content was very interesting and easy to understand, good structure. it was a great little group. everybody opened up easily. no judging, just understanding and support. I still had some doubts if this is the 'right school' for me. now I am sure it is the best school for me. and I am sure that this is what I want to do. I am encouraged, focused and determined to succeed. Thank you for such great weekend and all your support.

Sandra Karner                 

John was excellent. The whole weekend flew past and there was so much to take in but it was enjoyable and informative. I've got full of confidence that I truly am on the right path and enjoyed every minute of the mastery weekend. Our group was small, 8 people, and I really think that was a huge bonus. The class was intimate, honest, comfortable and everyone got along really well. I'm looking forward to the next session!

Lauren Bryant                 

The course, the trainer (John) the crew (Allan) and the other participants were all simply outstanding. If I had any doubts before the weekend they are now completely gone and I am just so excited to get coaching. John was engaging, charismatic and easily one of the best trainers I have worked with. The content of the course was well paced and sufficient to provide the best start to my coaching journey. I would certainly recommend this courses to my friends and I really can't wait for the next one to start.

Claire Bosnjak                 

The Coaching Mastery Base Camp exceeded my expectations. A lot of content covered, that came together at the end of the second day. There was a reasonable balance of content, instructor led delivery, demonstrations by JM, group discussion, and role plays. JM's delivery style engaged me - very animated (the high 'I'), he brought a lot of commentary and storytelling to the delivery that added more value for myself personally, put a 3D spin on some of the models and theory. However this may have pushed us a little for time... at times. Good size for class, very diverse mix from all walks of life, added colour to our interactions and different perspectives, we were all able to participate in group discussions without running over time. It could have added value to have each participant carry out a coaching session in front of the group and get feedback from group/JM. (Similar to Presentation Skills programs). However I get that this was a base camp, time was tight for 2 days, and perhaps not all would be comfortable with group feedback. But we are all having to move out of our comfort zone as part of coaching! Really excited to be on this journey and working with TLCC.

Carolyn Shaw                 

The trainer (John) was engaging and entertaining. He made the learning fun and told a lot of stories relating to the topic being discussed. The information was explained clearly and at no time was I left lost. Overall it was an awesome weekend.

Michelle Bloom                 

John was an energetic, connected and responsive tutor. I met some wonderful students who will be great coaching buddies in the near future. I used the course as a refresher for the material I was studying over Nov/Dec - as repetition helped the information sink in. The structure of applying the knowledge in coaching pairs was excellent. The face to face exercises gave everyone a taste of how it feels to coach. Thank you also to John Dyer and Robyn for their contributions. Cheers. Moya

Moya Martin                 

:I found out trainer John Milham quite informative and he created an inclusive atmosphere due to the warmth of his training style. The content was quite good. I met great people which I will be communicating with. I felt inspired at the end of the workshop.

Nada Jamal                 

John was an excellent trainer. The crew and helpers really added to the weekend with their input and participation. The content was excellent and the people I met that weekend were very supportive.

Mai Tran                 

The Coach Mastery Weekend was fantastic. Better than I could have hoped. Both Catherine and Joe did an amazing job. While they were extremely professional, they delivered the material in a fun and enjoyable way. They were more than happy to explain further, any points that we did not grasp straight away. They were very encouraging and supportive. The experience of meeting with a group of like minded people and getting to know the all was terrific and I know we will all stay in touch and stay on this journey together. After completing the training weekend, I am now more inspired than ever to get started with my coaching career and take my life to a whole new level. Thanks to all the trainers that contributed to this amazing weekend.

Margie Pethic                 

John was an excellent trainer. The crew and helpers really added to the weekend with their input and participation. The content was excellent and the people I met that weekend were very supportive.

Mai Tran                 

Training content was easy to follow and easy to practically use when coaching. Trainers were both exceptional. Very open, encouraging and provided great teaching. I have already coached 2 clients since the training and feel that I have grown so much personally as a result of this weekend.

Caroline Atia                 

: Hi Glen, I throughly enjoyed my weekend and it was nice to be surrounded by like minded people. John done a fantastic job at delivering the material and it was great to meet people who have already started on their journey as a life coach. I found it really interesting to see the different pathways you could take as a coach from talking to others. I came away 120% convinced and refocused that this is the new path I plan to travel as a career. There is so much for me to learn as far as the marketing and setting up a business goes, but I am very excited about the prospects ahead. Mel

Melissa Malcolm                 

Training content was easy to follow and easy to practically use when coaching. Trainers were both exceptional. Very open, encouraging and provided great teaching. I have already coached 2 clients since the training and feel that I have grown so much personally as a result of this weekend.

Caroline Atia                 

I had such an amazing time at the coaching mastery weekend. Catherine and Jo are such beautiful, inspiring women and they delivered all of the information so well and were so open for questions and so welcoming! They were very professional and I could tell they cared about each and every one of us. The content of the course was so mind blowing and I absolutely loved recieving all of the information that I did as I am already looking at everything in such a different way. I really enjoyed meeting the trainers and every one who participated, we had such a great group! My life has already changed after the weekend and I can see a lot more changing after such an incredible experience! Thanks so much Doc, you're changed my life already and I'm so excited about what is yet to come 🙂

Rhiannon Sharam                 

I had a fantastic 2 days, I was very motivated and enjoyed the interaction. John is an excellent and intelligent trainer and made us all feel extremely comfortable and valued our opinions and input at all times. just loved the whole thing.

Julie Price                 

Very happy with the course overall. John Milham was knowledgeable and presented in an engaging way. What I thought he was particularly good at was handling questions that could be disruptive at times, with good grace, and keeping things on track without stifling conversation. I felt there could have been more material support so I did not have to take notes but that might be because I haven't received my pack yet. Looking forward to the next set of training.

Tim K                 

was a wonderful environment which mde me feel comfortable. the trainers were above a standar I was expecting and the content mostly easy to understand. I obtained some self confidence through this so far and cannot wait for future classes

John Mc                 

I found the Coach Mastery weekend to be empowering! John Milham was enthusiastic and generously shared his knowledge and experiences of Coaching in a very professional, yet relaxed way tha made learning so much fun! The content was interesting and helpful for our Coaching journey and I was delighted by wonderfully diverse group of people who attended. I felt supported and valued by both tTrainers and my peers and I feel lifelong friendships have been formed! Couldn't be happier with the weekend and I now feel confident and fully equipped to go out into the Coaching world and start my new life knowing I have all the back up, support and tools I need. Thank you for a truly life changing experience that will just keep on bringing about positive changes as I move forward in this new chapter if my life

Jan Overholt                 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the comfort of expressing myself, knowing others are listening and doing the same in turn. Glen has such a friendly approach, and has such belief in me!


Great course! It showed me how I can proceed in coaching and making a positive difference to my life and the lives of others. The trainer was fantastic – straight to the point and prepared to answer all questions at any time.

Michael B                 

Great course! It showed me how I can proceed in coaching and making a positive difference to my life and the lives of others. The trainer was fantastic – straight to the point  and prepared to answer all questions at any time.

Michael, Vic

I have thoroughly enjoyed the comfort of expressing myself, knowing others are listening and doing the same in turn. Glen has such a friendly approach, and has such belief in me! 

Marija Vic

Im excited about stepping up and achieving something for me. Thanks Glen for your relaxed and committed approach to the course and the new coaches.

Joy, Vic

I have loved learning that this is achievable. Glen is so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and has such a willingness to share. I also enjoyed talking to Deb. She was great, and so is the rest of the group 

Nikita, Qld

Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement. Ive really enjoyed being in such a comfortable and open learning environment, with a genuine and passionate trainer

Greg, Vic

Thank you so much for the opportunity to start this journey. The training was so engaging, insightful and had great energy. 

Ian, Vic

Thank you for the opportunity to find and push my own boundaries

Ian, Vic

Glen engaged with everyone really well. He knows his stuff. 

Christie, Vic

The March VIC Quick Coach Base Camp crew..

Glen truly walks his talk and this group was just a privilege to be a part of. I can’t wait to start my business. I already have 3 clients and I am excited!

Deb, Vic

I loved Glen’s excitement and ability to provide great information about the steps required to start my coaching business. He has provided support and belief in me.

Sali S, Vic

I loved everything about this training from my own boundaries being shifted to the tons of learning and support. Glen is a true mentor, open, honest and real.

Irini K, Tasmania

I loved the way Glen shared his ideas and perceptions and openness with the group.

Terri T, Qld

I found training with Glen to be just awesome! He is flexible, excited and informative as well as being super supportive.

Peta, Vic

This training was full of opportunities to share experiences, practical skills and helping to get rid of any fears that I had about coaching. I found Glen to be genuine, supportive and real.

Kerry, Vic

Glen had great rapport with our whole group and has a friendly approach that helps everyone learn. I can’t wait for NLP.

Sharon, WA

I loved the diversity of the training, getting out of my comfort zone and the realness of the trainer. Glen promised what you see is what you get and he delivered

Gervais, Vic

The NSW Quick Coach Base Camp crew..

This course has provided me with tools and resources that I can use daily to help me achieve personal goals. Glen was very informative and knowledgeable and his enthusiasm is inspiring

Claire, Syd

I enjoyed every minute of the training. Glen has such enthusiasm and a willingness to share his knowledge. The time flew and I want to thank you very much

Robyn, Syd

Thanks Glen, you are very good with your stuff. Great content, great presenting, and you’ve made it all sound attainable

Matthew Steel, Syd

This course has opened my eyes completely to the possibilities of coaching, and how to be a great coach. Glen you have been awesome. Thanks! 

Enrico, NSW

Glen is a genuine caring person who really wants you to succeed, and will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Thank you for this opportunity. I will make you proud 

Amanda, Syd

Life Changing!

Bianca, NSW

I have enjoyed being thrown in the deep end, by performing my first coaching session. Thank you for being so passionate about your love of coaching! 

Rod, Vic

Glen is on target, on focus with content and students. I cant wait to start on the rest of the material and coaching sessions. 

Victoria, Syd

 The Feb VIC Quick Coach Base Camp crew..

I loved the energy, the inspiration and the fact that I walked away with clearer refined goals and ready to take action. Glen is a fantastic trainer with amazing insights and a wealth of information that he imparts with humour and joy. This training was just what I needed to ignite the momentum to move forward toward achieving my goals as a coach. Thanks Glen

Eoin, Qld

I loved Glens positive and contagious energy. He gave me a completely new way to think about life and relationships. I’m looking forward to starting my coaching business now!

Tim, Vic

The trainer was inspiring, supportive, truthful and very respectful of where I was at.

Morris Vic

I loved the practical approach to the training. The trainer was wonderful. I feel like I built my confidence in one weekend!

Christine, Altona

I loved the small group size and interaction. The application of the material with real life references meant the training was wonderful to experience

Sabine, Vic

I enjoyed the small group size and all of the information you were able to impart about coaching in one weekend! The training was honest and ‘real’ and I had some personal breakthroughs which I did not expect. Thank you so much!

Tanya F Sydney

You demystified coaching and showed me that I can definitely pursue this pathway. The chunking of the material and active participation through interaction made the training very ‘real’. Glen was friendly, sincere, authentic and generous. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get my coaching business started!”

Caroline, Vic

The December 2011 VIC Quick Coach Base Camp crew..

The trainer was open and supportive. I loved his honesty, authenticity and willingness to share his knowledge on all things coaching and life. This weekend has confirmed for me that coaching exactly what i want to do. Thanks Glen.

Daniel, Vic

This training was mind blowing. Simply the best training I have ever done! Glen is a fantastic presenter who engages with everyone on an individual level. Everything was perfect!

Karen R, Vic

Glen is a delight, I loved listening to him and he has inspired me. The simplicity yet complexity of depth in the training was brilliant. I am so excited to move forward with my coaching journey with passion and purpose.

Deb D, Qld

Glen was engaging, informative, fun and professional. The lightness, warmth and openness of the group was so enjoyable.

Rianne P, Vic

I have loved learning new things. Glen is a great trainer. He constantly challenges and inspires every person in the room. The last 2 days have been so inspiring.

Samina, Vic

I loved the small group size and interaction. The application of the material with real life references meant the training was wonderful to experience

Sabine, Vic

Glen has delivered on every promise and is promoting and living the values that attracted me to this course. I can’t wait to get started and help others.

Hayden B, Vic

Glens approach to business and money is so refreshing. THIS IS COACHING !! Glen has created something beautiful with Quick Coach – Congratulations..

Catherine B, Vic

The WA Quick Coach Base Camp crew..

I enjoyed every moment of the training with Quick Coach. , It was great learning all of the coaching skills and I feel like during the weekend I matured into a different person than when I commenced the course.

John R, WA

I learnt 100 times more than I thought I would, amazing training.

Bronwyn H, Mindane WA

I loved the practical hands on approach and how Glen coached all the students on the run.

Melanie, WA

Totally, absolutely action oriented and practical. Glen is direct, a truly great educator and this training was great value for time and money.

Geraldine, Bayswater, WA

Glen was, fun, real, down to Earth and engaging. This training really challenged my thinking.

Karen, Mundijong, WA

Glen is a great speaker and trainer. His funny, and strong in seizing teaching opportunities as they arise. An amazing trainer.

Angela, WA

WA Quick Coach Base Camp

The VIC Quick Coach Base Camp crew..

I learnt more in 2 days than I thought humanly possible. I found Glen to be the most amazing, entertaining and knowledgeable trainer I have ever had the pleasure to be in a room with. His passion for Personal Development is infectious and his ability to know exactly what button to push with so many people at one time was uncanny. I would recommend this training to anyone looking for personal development or wanting to become a coach, it delivered in spades on both counts.

Phil Ward, Vermont, Vic

I am so so so exhausted! But what an awesome weekend Glen. So well organized and so enjoyable, entertaining and exciting way to learn.

I feel really great, really freed up inside and actually like myself again – not what I’m trying to be, or trying not to be.

Thanks for sharing the experience with me – it was life changing!

Carly, Melbourne, Vic

I enjoyed every second! The trainer was dynamic, charismatic knowledgeable and engaging and I found the entire weekend amazing. I cant wait to share my new knowledge with others.

Lauren, Coburg, Vic

I loved breaking though my own boundary conditions, the introduction to NLP and actually coaching my first session… The trainer was fun, knowledgeable and insightful. This has been such a great experience on so many levels…

Adrian H. Pascoe Vale, VIC

This training was mind blowing! Everything was delivered with the intention to give all of us students the tools and knowledge to go out and become a coach. Glen is an incredible individual that gave 100% to the group going above and beyond my wildest expectations to deliver and amazing weekend. I cant put into words the impact Quick Coach has already had on my life, Thank You Glen!

Trent W, Prahran Vic

VIC Quick Coach Base Camp

What Students Have To Say About Quick Coach

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