Here are some of the questions that we’re often asked and their answers.

What are the course entry requirements?

There are no official entry requirements for this course except a desire to help others and want to be the best version of you that you can be. Our 10 minute “is coaching for me” session will definitely help you work this out!

So exactly how quick is the Quick Coach course?

Our Practitioner course can be completed within one month after your 2 day face to face Practitioner Training if you were able to commit 6-8 hours per week.

How do I know I’ll be able to do it?

This is a great question and it’s where our coach consultants and our 10 minute “is coaching for me?” session will help. Not everyone can be a coach and not all coaches are created equal so its worthwhile spending 10 minutes to find out if coaching is for you! The great thing about coaching is that your background is not that important, the thing that matters most of all is that you are willing to help others and be the best version of you that you can be.

Why would I choose Quick Coach for my training?

  • Designed by coaches for coaches
  • It’s quick – You can have your Practitioner qualification within 1 month
  • It’s affordable – It’s just $997 for your on-line qualification and $2497 for face to face. That makes us Australia’s most affordable coaching course.
  • You get face to face training – It’s important to learn the 101’s of coaching face to face and it’s a lot more fun!

Who would use a Coach?

Everyone everywhere could use the services of a Coach. In the sporting world Coaches have been used to help athletes improve their performance for decades, now people are starting to realise that a coach can them with other aspects of their life that could be improved. In simple terms Coaches really help people who want to Play Big – Play Better. Our unique Coach marketing Boot camp helps these people find you and you find them so you can concentrate on helping them play the best game of life they can.

How much can I earn as a coach?

A coaching session can vary between $80 and $500 per hour depending on the coach’s experience and the client. Business type coaching generally attracts higher fees than life coaching

Can I do the training on-line?

Yes. We have an on-line Practitioner course and you can always upgrade to the live training at another time.

What certificates can I achieve?

  • Practitioner Certificate in Coaching
  • Advanced Certificate in Coaching (NLP)
  • Coach Specialist in a Niche of your choice
  • NLP Practitioner

If you can’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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