So What Is On Your Bucket List ?

So last night i took a little time out to watch a movie – not something I do too often anymore and I must say it got me pretty fired up ! The movie I watched was called The Bucket List and starred 2 of my favourite actors Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson…

The story basically revolves around two guys who go out and do a whole bunch of stuff on a list they create before they are going to die – (kick the bucket!)… I loved the concept and more importantly I love the idea of leaving this place with nothing left in the tank! I mean no-one sat on their death bed and said "gee I wish I spent more time at the office" …

So it got me thinking, what is on my bucket list ? Below I have put a couple of the first things I came up with and I invite you to add yours too!

*Play a game of cricket in every test Playing nation – still have a couple to check off

* Travel on the Queen Mary

* Go Hot Air Ballooning – Cant believe I have not done this yet!

* Cruise Alaska

* Take my children to Disneyland


So this is the start of my list…. I'd love to see whats on yours…


Have a great day…


Are You Green and Growing Or Ripe and Rotting?


Today I have a simple easy to follow message based on the principles of Compounding and Constant and Never Ending Improvements.

 ** Aim for a 1% improvement every single day **


That's it!  I think all of us could agree that a 1% improvement is something we are capable of.

Well, the power of this is that if you do this every single day, then you will completely transform yourself and your life in less than 1 year. 

In fact, if you will be 3,700 times better by the end of this year.  This is also why Einstein used to say that "the power of compounding is one of the most powerful forces in the world."

 Can you be 3700% better by the end of this year? I dont know, but hey, why not give it a shot…

The key idea that I am trying to communicate is this: 

* Aim to be better today than you were yesterday because if you're not green and growing your ripe and rotting….


I'd love to get your thoughts on how you are going to keep green….


Video Blog – Smile For Happiness

Today I want to share some fun information I have found out about what happens when we smile! I love this and know I'll be using it in my coaching and coach training. Enjoy :)


Becoming a Champion

What an amazing weekend I had working on a new and very exciting business venture for a couple of hours and lots of time with Aidan with Beth – perfect! Melbourne just feels like a sleeping giant awakening when the sun is shining with people out cycling, (thanks Cadel) running and walking in the streets and parks. I guess the main thing is that people are out with those they care about and having some experiences which is what it's all about..

My question for you today is are you heading in your true North and if not do you know how to get back on track? A close mentor once gave me 10 easy tips to keep on track and I thought I'd share them with you:

1. Smile

2. Make decisions

3. make mistakes

4. Play More

5. Be generous

6. Raise Your Standards

7. Challenge Yourself Everyday

8. Focus On What You Can Do

9. Focus On Your Strengths

10. Be A Leader

Funnily enough the one I think changed my whole life the most was #1. Smile and the World really does smile back…..



What Does A Coaching Career Look Like?


Check out the class by clicking below..


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Niche Coaching – How To Find A Good One



The Americans have a cool saying that I love – The Riches are in the Niches…(Pronounced Nitches)
How True!! If you are a Quick Coach student you will be pretty familiar with the term Niche..


 The question i still get all of the time is “Doc, How can I find a Niche to make me some money”…  GREAT QUESTION……

I get how great it is to be in a Niche that fills your life purpose, but that Niche may not be so good to get some cash flow happening easily and effortlessly?

These are my top tips for finding a Niche to make you money – if that's your thing!
1. Can you identify the group? Are they a group that has a specific problem that needs solving?
2. Is there pain and urgency or some kind of crazy passion (like golfers!)
3. Are your potential posse actively searching for what they want?
4. Can you easily reach them? Do they hang out on forums or websites? You need to able to easily find them..
5. Are they already spending $ on similar things? If they are then they will much more likely to spend money with you!
6. Is there the opportunity to have a long lasting relationship with them? Do they provide you an opportunity for back end sales and repeat business? You have already done the hard work right? Your easiest sale is always to a current customer!

Keep making a difference – coaches have the best "job" in the World


Life Coach Courses – Getting Found

One of the great challenges for many coaches is actually getting found by potential clients… Now it sounds so bazaar to me because last year working on life coach training and in a life coach course every day I was constantly called by people looking for a coach! They had no idea where to find them and were always asking for referrels which of course I freely gave out… Well things have changed now because finally we have a way of helping potential clients find all of those life coaches doing life coach traning and life coach courses and you can use these methods even before you get your coach certification! Check out the video below and it will explain the excting options available with Coach TV.

The wonderful Coach TV



For more information about life coaching courses.

Time Management Tips

Productivity Tips Here are five quick and easy Time Management Habits you can learn and implement today.


1. Low Information Diet

2. Parkinson’s Law of Perceived Importance

3. Saying No

4. ½ Hour of Power

5. 80/20 Rule

1. Low Information Diet We live in a world full of information and the temptation exists to digest as much information as possible. Information is time consuming and most the information you consumer is either negative or irrelevant to your goals. (Think newspaper, TV, Magazines, Social Blogs.) Time management is really about making better use of your time. Living on a low-information diet is one way to do this. For the next week: • No reading emails before 11:00am. You may quickly scan for urgent emails if required by your role. Use this time instead to achieve one of your most important goals for the day • Avoid newspapers, magazines or talk-back style radio • Stop visiting news and non-goal related blogs and websites. No web surfing • Limit your television viewing to one hour of relaxation viewing only • Before you digest any information, ask yourself – Will this information help me achieve one of my immediate and important goals? With all the free time this will create you can complete your daily actions that will move you closer to your 90 day goals.



2. Parkinson’s Law of Perceived Importance If I gave you 24hrs to produce a report on the impact of room temperature on staff productivity, the time constraints would force you to focus and take action. If I gave you a week, you would spend five days considering options and two days preparing the report. If I gave you a month it would sit on the ‘back-burner’ for two weeks, then you would call a meeting to discuss, send a series of back and forth emails and create the final report in the last two days, am I right? Parkinson’s Law states that “a tasks perceived importance and complexity will increase in relation to the time allotted for its completion.” In other term, the longer you allow for a task to be completed, the more complex and important that task is perceived. The solution is simple. Shorten time frames to reduce the perception of complexity of tasks.


3. Saying No Even more powerful than setting short time frames, is just saying no. It works like this: Do you think you could put together a report on the impact of room temperature on staff productivity?” Reply: “No.” If you’re a bit of a ‘softy’, you could replace the ‘no’ with, ‘I would be happy to help you, but I need you to show me how this will help us achieve our goal of (Insert important agreed upon business goal for which this task is not relevant).”


4. ½ Hour of Power Want a tip to help you get out of bed each morning? Every night before bed spend 30 minutes setting your actions for tomorrow. Decide what actions you will achieve tomorrow to move you closer to your 90 day goals.


5. 80/20 Rule I put this one last because it’s one of the more common time management habits and you may have learnt in the past. That said, it’s far too powerful to leave out and worthy of a reminder. The 80/20 rule states that 80% of outputs are the result of 20% of inputs. For example, 80% of profit is the result of 20% of customers. This also means that the remaining 20% of outputs are the result of your other 80% of inputs. (i.e. the other 20% of profits is made up by 80% of customers.) To take back your time you must identify the 20% of inputs that create the 80% of outputs. For example, cold calling 20 clients per day for two hours per day produces one new client per week, whereas one phone call to a local business partner asking to meet and discuss a joint venture takes two hours in total and leads to 10 new clients. 80% of the results you have achieved this year are the result of 20% of your actions. Identify what’s creating the most output and scrap the rest.

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